Traveling on a Budget

Money is one of the biggest reasons why people do not travel. It is not cheap to see the beauty the world has to offer. I have been traveling on a budget since I started traveling 6 years ago. I hope that through my experiences and recommendations you will find cost-effective ways to travel without missing out on the sites and attractions you dreamed of seeing.

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Finding Comfort in the Unknown

Most people feel anxious when traveling because they are going somewhere completely unknown. It is hard to know what to expect, how you should act, and just any local customs that you should be aware of. Luckily, I have had my ups and downs when figuring out what is and is not okay while abroad. I am most comfortable when I am someplace new, so I will offer my advice in order to help you feel as comfortable as possible when you set out on your adventure.

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Enjoying Yourself

Lastly, your travels are about HAVING FUN. Everyone will ask you what your favorite part of the trip was, or how has it changed your life. Well, guess what, sometimes you cannot pick a favorite part and you do not feel any different than before. But that is okay. Traveling is for you, not for anyone else. What you learn, what you see, no one else will ever be able to understand those exact moments. So the main goal is to enjoy yourself and have the time of your life.

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Never Stop Wondering Never Stop Wandering

There is so much to learn from the world. The best education a person can receiveĀ is from a lifetime of adventure.

It has never surprised me how much I learn on my travels. I always feel like I finally am able to see the world in color instead of just black and white. No matter where you come from, where ever you grow up, most people you surround yourself with live the same lifestyle. When you travel, the lifestyles you experience range all over the spectrum. You think of things you never thought of before. You can finally see how different life can be.

"The eyes are useless when the mind is blind," has always been a quote that stuck out to me. There are so many people who do not even know what is out there or know how differently people live. Which is why I want to see the world for myself. And why I believe others should see the world too. Knowledge is the strongest form of power.



Start your Adventure

Gain knowledge, not only of the world but of yourself as well. Travel, explore, and never stop wondering never stop wandering.